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Frequently asked questions

For Our Customers

Got any questions about our service? Check out what others before you inquired. If you still have more questions, worry not, we’re available 24/7 to attend to your inquiries.

Absolutely. There is no contract to bind you with us for monthly periods. We do not provide refunds to paid subscriptions. However, you get to use your final month’s subscription quota and that should be the end.

We do not advise on doing this, since most partners do not accept laundry of this type.

Our partners that allow for undergarments/underwear cleaning would require that you include your laundry in a laundry mesh bag. They will not be folded, and will be returned as is, inside the same bag.

Of course you can. You get 1 laundry bag replacement request for free every month. If your bag is damaged or no longer usable due to wear and tear, we’d replace it for you as well.

For any missing items report, please fill up this form.

In the form, describe in details for the specifications of your missing item(s). This includes the brand, color, type of laundry and such.

With this information, we’ll retrace the journey your laundry took in between collection and delivery and see if there’s any matching report.

It’s highly likely that the item is mixed during folding and packaging, since every client’s laundry package is washed separately as part of Sendwash Laundry Compliance standards that all our active partners adhere to.

Terrific news. Thank you for letting us know.

All you have to do is notify us by either contacting us, or you can even fill up this very short form.

Your report could make someone’s day. We’ll accommodate for the rest.

Frequently asked questions

For Laundry Partners

Interested in joining our laundry distribution chain? If you have a laundry cleaning facility, and you’re interested in maximizing your efficiency, let us know.

Registration is super easy.

Increase your outreach by extending your service with our runners. Get a steady, scheduled stream of laundry supply for you to work with. You would have your facility on display within our services and websites as well.

Your facility has to be under a registered business, and we would arrange distribution that fits your current capacity, no matter how small or big. If your business is already available online with positive reviews, that would be a good plus to your application. If not, we can help with that.

Absolutely. To ensure maximum satisfaction to our subscribers, there are a few Sendwash Laundry Compliance standards that you’d have to meet. But it’s nothing outside normal laundry cleaning practices.

Aside from that, once your registration is completed, Sendwash will send several undercover customers to inspect your service quality and adherence to our standards and expectations.

To register is very simple. All you have to do is click on this link and fill up the Laundry Partners Registration form.

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